The Hovione Team
We do well what is difficult and provide our customers with what they cannot find elsewhere.
We are a Company that is driven by talented professionals who share a passion for science and innovation.

Work at Hovione is exciting, no two days are the same. We are a growing company. If you join Hovione we guarantee two things: training and opportunities. It is up to you to grab the right opportunity that will build you a great career.

We believe in diversity. We know that the most exciting discoveries happen at the intersection of different disciplines, We set our own course and do not follow the herd. Expect Hovione to do things differently.

We only work with like-minded customers for we work with them like partners. In a spirit of true collaboration we do amazing things – scientific breakthroughs, great engineering, innovative business models. We are hard-working, curious and creative; and we feel good about what we do because at the end of the day it helps patients live longer or better. At Hovione we do the right thing, and we do it the right way.
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