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I joined Hovione in 1989 as a Process Engineer and for the next 10 years I developed my career within the manufacturing area. In 1993 I became the first Head of the Contrast Media production line and in 1997 I started up a new fully automated manufacturing facility. I was presented with tremendous technical challenges during my career along with the opportunity to build, work with and develop a team of dynamic professionals.

In 2000 I was given the opportunity of doing business in China when I was invited to become the General Manager of Hovione Macau! My rotation lasted 7 years when I returned to Portugal and actively participated in the establishment of a Joint Venture with Hisyn Pharmaceuticals in Mainland China.

In April 2008 I became the Head of the Generics Business Unit, responsible for the Hovione Generic Products. Once again, I am doing something different – this time as a business leader. Still exciting! Always exciting!
I graduated in Chemical Engineering in the US and my career with Hovione began as a Shift Officer in Macau in 1997. Without any knowledge of the API industry, I started to work and learn the basics and after some time I was promoted to Production Engineer with the responsibility for leading different production teams. Then I was given a bigger challenge – to be the Head of Production. In order to prepare me for these challenges, I travelled to Portugal where I had the opportunity to meet colleagues who shared their experience and knowledge with me.
In 2001, I participated in the start-up of the new fully automated production facility in Macau site, and in 2003 I worked as Project Manager on a technical transfer the process between New Jersey and Macau. In the same year, I was promoted to Industrial Director of Macau and for the next 5 years I was responsible for Production, Warehouses and Health, Safety and Environment. In 2009 I was promoted to Deputy General Manager for our plant in Taizhou, China returning to assume the role of General Manager, Macau in 2010.
From knowing nothing about this industry to where I am today, the process has always been enjoyable. A company in Macau that can provide international experiences and professional career development, Hovione is unique; and I am delighted to be part of it.
Everything started when Hovione offered me an academic internship in the Microbiology laboratory back in 1995. After my graduation I was offered a position in Hovione Macau. Over the next 5 years as the team grew so did my opportunities. I worked in a variety of roles within the Quality Assurance and Quality Control function and ultimately becoming the Quality Director on site, having the oversight of both QA and QC operations. I returned to Portugal in January 2001, where for the next two years I assumed the role of Head of Quality Assurance Systems. I then led the Hovione Productivity Improvement Project before returning to QA as Quality Director for the full Loures site. On completion of my MBA I worked with the Business in supporting Exclusives Customer projects. In 2008 I was part of the team supporting the acquisition of our site in Cork, Ireland. In 2009, I became the General Manager within our R&D group at our Technology Transfer Site in New Jersey. After 3 years in the US, I have just returned to Portugal to develop the newly created QA group within R&D. By joining Hovione I have been privileged to meet people from around the world and work with many nationalities, learn from colleagues, customers and inspectors, make long lasting friendships, travel to some exotic places and expand my knowledge in technical and management areas. The Chinese have a proverb that some also consider a curse: “May you live in interesting times". They have been interesting indeed…
I joined Hovione in 1994, after graduating in Chemical Engineering, as a Production Assistant and since then I have had the opportunity to develop my career in several different areas. In 1998 I moved to Automation, where I headed the area for 2 years and participated in the implementation of a fully automated manufacturing building. Then, I was appointed Head of Industrial Control with oversight of Loures and Macau sites and one year later I was also responsible for the Warehouse and Production planning. In 2004 I had oversight not only over Automation, Warehouses and Production planning but also Production Quality Control. Then, in 2007 I was invited to become General Manager of Macau, where I stayed for 3 years. After that I have assumed the role of General Manager of Technical Operations, Asia, having responsibility for both Macau and Hisyn. Throughout my career development I had the opportunity to further my education, including completing an MBA, which has supported the way I have faced the continuos challenges I have had.
My career at Hovione started in 1983 as an analyst in the Chromatography Laboratory. Then, just a few months I moved to a technical position in Quality Control. One year later I was promoted to Head of Analysis of Industrial Products, where I stayed for 4 years. During this time I was invited to start the QC Laboratory in Hovione Macau. I ensured we passed our 1st FDA inspection before returning to Loures.
Then in 1990 I was appointed Head of Analysis of Manufactured Products, where for 2 years I was responsible for the analysis of all raw materials, manufactured products, in process control, R&D and stability samples
In 1992 I was promoted to Assistant of the Director of Analysis and three years later to Director of Quality Control and Quality Assurance. When these two areas became separate I assumed the position of Vice-Director of the Quality Assurance area.
Then in 2004 I was invited to start the GMP Compliance area as responsible for the Hovione group Quality System, and in 2009 the responsibility of the area grew to include the HSE System. During these 29 years I have grown as a person and in my knowledge. I have learned the Hovione values since the very beginning and these were and are always present in my mind and attitude.
After finishing my PhD back in January 2007 I joined Hovione as an Assistant Engineer in the recently created R&D Particle Design group. There, I had the opportunity to participate in several different projects as I grew professionally. That led to my advancement of my scientific career within the company, having been promoted to Engineer in October 2008 and to Senior Engineer in January 2010. Then in April 2011 I was appointed as the Director of R&D Process Chemistry where I am heading of group of 25 extraordinary people that with their scientific knowledge contribute to today’s advancement of the medicines of the future.