Welcome Back Program
Hovione are always looking to build its existing global team with highly skilled and motivated talent. While we welcome all expressions of interest to work with us, we very much would like to hear from scientists and engineers who have had the opportunity to work internationally within similar industries.
We are also looking for enthusiastic and confident people that have completed their PhDs in an international setting and have experience in the pharmaceutical industry – Research & Development, Process Engineering, Production or other areas.
With your talent and our resources we can do great things together!
Cristina BarradasDirector of Project Management (Loures)
In February 2007 when I saw the ad “PhD Welcome Back to Portugal” in Expresso, it made me curious as it was indeed unique and it gave a certain sense of pride, as a Portuguese company had taken this initiative.
The next minute I was on the Internet to discover more about Hovione. I read about the mission, principles, challenges Hovione offers, its history, the human resources policy, changes taking place and I was at once eager to work with the team Hovione. I contacted some of my friends and family in my Lusitanian network and had a great feedback from the field. The next step was to respond to the ad "PhD Welcome Back Portugal" and also to apply specifically to an opportunity announced on the website of Hovione with which profile I identified myself immediately.

I had the opportunity to come to a first interview with CEO Guy Villax and I was very excited about his vision, attitude and ambitions for the company. The recruitment process involved then a series of interviews, where I had the pleasure of getting to know some of my colleagues and have an insight into the challenges for the short and medium term.
In August, I received the proposal for the role of Director of Project Management in R&D which brought me a lot of joy and enthusiasm. In October I moved with my family to Portugal.
I joined Hovione in mid-October and was very well received – I found a team of people who are open, dynamic, dedicated and willing to invest in improving performance.
Along with the Project Management team and key interfaces we started to make a survey of what was going well and what needed to be improved. We began to act to develop the team and the discipline of project management.
In general, our biggest challenge in Hovione today is embarking all together on change, involving the various areas and investing in the development of "high performing teams" while we create space to implement the Lean philosophy and tools. From the top, I have a clear vision, I feel a great desire to change and hear the freedom to act, ie. to decide the best way to contribute to the company's success. This gives me confidence that we will succeed!
Rui LoureiroChemist (Loures)
I have thought for some time that the investment made by Portugal in PhD scholarships and post-doctorate abroad has not had the best return. Many of the fellows in the end of their scholarships find abroad proposals and working conditions that are more attractive and make them stay there.
On the other hand, in Portugal attractive opportunities were scarce and that was why I was both surprised and excited when I received the "PhD Welcome Back" ad from a friend.

After consulting Hovione’s website I found the projects presented very interesting and therefore decided to send my resume. I had a quick reply and after two visits to Loures, where I talked with some Hovione Team Members I was convinced that going back to Portugal and working in Hovione would be the right choice.
It was with great satisfaction that in July 2008 I was invited to join the Hovione team. So, after almost ten years in the UK I moved permanently to Portugal and in September I started working at the R&D Chemistry area.

I felt very "welcomed back". Hovione has corresponded to my expectations and I am very pleased. I hope to contribute to the continued growth of Hovione and thus contribute to the development of the country as well.
Olinda CanhotoAnalytical Chemist (Loures)
I have done my post-graduate studies and started my professional career in the UK where I lived for about 8 years. Overall, I was happy working and living there, however, the idea of coming back to Portugal with my family was something that we were starting to consider. I first learned about Hovione through a friend of mine who had been talking to a member of Hovione's staff during a symposium in Cambridge organized by Portuguese students.

I was curious to find out more about Hovione and I was surprised to learn that a Portuguese company was thriving in the pharmaceutical-generics world, with a fast growth and especially very keen to recruit Portuguese young professionals with a PhD. I though that the “Welcome Back” initiative could be a very good chance to bring back all that I had learned and to join a company that was looking into the future. My recruitment process started in July, I had two interviews and in August I had a job proposal. I joined the R&D analytical chemistry group last September, my first impressions were that it’s a company that has very good knowledgeable professionals, believes in the training and continuous development of their staff, and is still increasingly growing. My hopes for the future are to become a better professional, to be part of a motivated team, and that Hovione can be a good example for other Portuguese companies to follow regarding the recruitment of young, well-educated professionals.
Eddy LeongGeneral Manager (Macau)
My career began with Hovione in 1997 and this is my first full time job after I obtained my Chemical Engineering degree from US in 1996. My first position was Shift Officer in Hovione Macau site. Without any knowledge of the API industry, I started to work and learn from the basic operations, from equipment cleaning and operations to execution of production processes. Then I was promoted to Production Engineer with line responsible. With the basic knowledge, I progressed to learn different manufacturing techniques and started leading different production teams, from where I started to learn management. Then I was given bigger challenge to be the Head of Production. As one of the core positions in the company, I have to create plans for the department, managing the technical teams to execute the defined manufacturing plan, cost and yield control as well as human resourcing management. In order to prepare me for these challenges, Hovione has offered a training session in the headquarter, Loures Portugal, for a period of 6 weeks. During this period, I had chances to meet the professional who shared their experience and knowledge with me.

In 2001, I was appointed to be the start-up manager of the new fully automated production facility (BK2A) in Macau site, from which I have obtained knowledge of DCS system and systematic approach on cleaning and qualifications of equipment. In 2003, I was appointed to be the Project Manager of a new product and assisted to technical transfer the process from our Technical Transfer Center in New Jersey, US to Macau. After one month working in NJ with the Lead Chemist, the process was transferred successfully to Macau. In the same year, I was appointed to be the Industrial Director (ID) of Macau site, responsible for Production, Warehouses and Health, Safety and Environment. During 5 years as ID, I have broadened my knowledge on other areas and I have opportunities to perform technical visits to other factories in different countries as well as in China. I have many opportunities to join conferences, exhibitions, trainings in different aspects and meeting professionals around the world. Since 2009, I have been working in another Hovione site in Taizhou, China as Deputy General Manager. This is another level of responsibility and the challenge is huge as this requires harmonizing the culture and bringing the best between the East and the West. With the knowledge of management, technical as well as the Pharmaceutical industry that I have obtained during the past years, I am confident to provide good contributions to the company and to the new team in China. From what I know nothing about this industry to getting some knowledge and experiences, the process has always been enjoyable. A company in Macau that can provide international experiences and professional career development, Hovione is unique; and I am delighted to be part of it.